IP Address Blog Updates for January 8, 2013

Canada’s Top 50 brands http://www.theglobeandmail.com/report-on-business/rob-magazine/canadas-top-50-brands/article6736251/?page=all … Social Media | The Most-Loved And Most-Hated Brands Of 2012 http://ow.ly/gAhy1  QUIZ: Can You Spot the Knock-Off Handbags, Shoes, and Gadgets? http://ow.ly/guZJc  Mark Zuckerberg’s Sister Inadvertently Promotes Facebook’s New Privacy Controls http://ow.ly/gs7hh  Health Canada caps caffeine in energy drinks http://ow.ly/gsfkk  Beer branding – tapping into a profitable demographic? | Game … Continue reading

IP Address Blog Updates for December 12, 2012

Starting a new whiskey company: If good whiskey takes years to mature, how do you start a new brand? http://ow.ly/g2H6o  ATELIER for Tequila Confusable with ATELIER WINERY for Wine, Says TTAB http://thettablog.blogspot.com/2012/12/atelier-for-tequila-confusable-with.html …  via @TTABlog Christmas and IP http://ow.ly/g2zUt  Looking beyond the patent cliff http://online.barrons.com/article/SB50001424052748703555704578157382328150460.html?mod=BOL_hpp_mag#articleTabs_article%3D1 … Theft of industrial secrets & corporate espionage | The Curious Case … Continue reading

IP Address Blog Updates for December 3, 2012

Twitter in legal spat with data reseller http://ow.ly/fLKNZ  How Pentastar became Chrysler’s logo http://ow.ly/fKW0J  The Twinkie Template For Building An Eternal Brand http://ow.ly/fLgmG  Court approves Hostess liquidation; brands draw ‘furious’ interest http://ow.ly/fLglI  Breach of IP agreement scam by Masatoshi Sugioka http://ow.ly/fIQYP  Gap Sued by Shoe Designer Over Look-Alike Loafers http://ow.ly/fELgE  Microsoft Patent Shows Which Direction … Continue reading

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IP Address Blog Updates for November 27, 2012

Paul Ceglia Indicted for Faking Contract with Mark Zuckerberg re Facebook http://ow.ly/fC0nU  Interesting article on one of the major bidders for the new bespoke gTLDs | Donuts Tries a Domain Grab http://ow.ly/fBZ3s  Macy’s Thanksgiving parade confetti contained sensitive police documents http://ow.ly/fAiwO  FBI uses Twitter, social media to look for securities fraud http://ow.ly/fzTfh  Tech’s 8 Most … Continue reading

IP Address Blog Updates for November 19, 2012

A strong brand can survive many challenges, including bankruptcy | Twinkies will likely live on post-bankruptcy http://ow.ly/fp2rU  Made-in-America: A valuable label, even in China http://ow.ly/fp1cF  Federal judges take steps to curb nuisance lawsuits http://ow.ly/foZH7  Intellectual property in Brazil: Owning ideas http://ow.ly/fog6X  Veterans call for inquiry into privacy violations http://bit.ly/UBnmWt  B.C. privacy commissioner orders Victoria police … Continue reading

IP Address Blog Updates for November 15, 2012

Adobe says user forum was breached, takes site offline http://ow.ly/fiSTH  The many brands of Bond http://ow.ly/fiSW3  Top 10 Wine Brands http://ow.ly/fiRwo  Counterfeit alcohol costs UK £1.2bn a year http://ow.ly/fiRfR  10,000 bottles of fake Lafite uncovered in China http://ow.ly/fiReP  Papa John’s faces $250 million spam lawsuit http://ow.ly/fiSYQ  Billy Joel, Rihanna fight Pandora over compensation http://ow.ly/fiACA  Tweets … Continue reading

IP Address Blog Updates for November 14, 2012

Stark Wine to Diageo’s Stark Raving Wine: Get Off Our Lawn http://ow.ly/fhANc  Budweiser Asks Paramount to Remove Beer Images From Film http://ow.ly/fhAx7  EU General Court dismisses application to annul wine geographical indication for Tokaj http://ow.ly/fhAgY  USA | Applicant’s Prior Use of PARLAY for Wine Was Not Unlawful Despite Lack of COLA Approval http://ow.ly/fhA5o  The resurgence … Continue reading

IP Address Blog Updates for October 31, 2012

The intellectual property fight over the Tough Mudder obstacle race http://ow.ly/eTNSh  Anonymous takes aim at Zynga http://ow.ly/eTM8T  FDA Warns Avon on Wrinkle-Product Claims http://ow.ly/eTK7d  Packaging | Italy allows use of screwcap – with compromises http://ow.ly/eTLMo  Microsoft Renews Relevance With Machine Learning Technology http://ow.ly/eTL25  Experian Customers Unsafe as Hackers Steal Credit Report Data http://ow.ly/eTKUr  Millions of … Continue reading

IP Address Blog Updates for October 26, 2012

Next LES Toronto Chapter event is Wed, Oct 31, An Update on the Canadian Law of Disclaiming Licenses in Bankruptcy: http://bit.ly/WwH6kb . Next Ontario Bar Association IT & E-Commerce Section event is Nov 14, 12 pm on Insuring Against Cyberspace and Other Network Risks:  http://bit.ly/WwH37R  Hells Angels Sue Toys ‘R’ Us for Alleged trademark infringement http://ow.ly/eN0el  … Continue reading

The Canadian Trade-marks Office has made more than 300 changes to the Canadian Wares and Services Manual

The changes, effective October 17, 2012, include changes to clothing and fashion accessories, food, beauty products, automobile and bike parts, software services, financial services, entertainment and news services. To view a complete list of the addition and changes, visit the online Wares and Services manual at http://www.ic.gc.ca/app/opic-cipo/wrs/dsplyPblcSrch.do and search for 2012-10-17.


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