Molson sues Labatt over mountain trade-mark

The beer wars are back!

First, Labatt sued Red Brick Brewing, alleging Red Brick’s promotional materials and packaging for its lime flavoured beer infringe Labatt’s rights in the copyright and trade-marks associated with Labatt’s lime beer product.  Now, Molson Coors Canada has sued Labatt, alleging that a mountain logo used at the end of a Kokanee TV spot and on the Kokanee website is confusingly similar to the Coors Light mountain logo. A comparison of Labatt’s and Molson’s respective mountain logos is available here.

Molson is seeking $10 million (Canadian) in damages and a permanent injunction against the use of the Kokanee mountain icon. The allegations have not been proven in court.

It looks like Labatt intends to fight the lawsuit. In a statement released yesterday,  Labatt defended its use of the Kokanee mountain icon from a marketing and intellectual property law standpoint.

2 Responses to “Molson sues Labatt over mountain trade-mark”
  1. John Sinclair says:

    Molson vs. Labatt-Kokanee

    Have Molson’s contact me. More legal issues in Molsons favour. If anyone checks in Marketing Magazine `Landmark 10` I created Kokanee Sasquatch and can help Molsons bring Kokanee to their knees.

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