The 100 Best Global Brands 2009: Highlights

Interbrand has announced the 100 Best Global Brands 2009, based on Interbrand’s analysis.

Some of the highlights:

  • The top five ranking for 2008 and 2009 are the same. Coco-Cola and IBM are still No. 1 and 2, respectively. Microsoft is still No. 3, despite a 4% decline in brand value. GE retains the No. 4 position, despite a 10% drop in brand valuation. Nokia held on for No. 5 despite a 3% reduction in brand value.
  • The companies with the 10 biggest increases in brand value were Google (25%), (22%), Zara (14%), Nestlé (13%), Apple (12%), H&M (11%), Ikea (10%), Wrigley (10%), Danone (10%) and Heinz (9%). As expected, food brands and recessionista-friendly fashion brands have thrived in the global recession.
  • The 10 companies with the biggest decreases in brand value were UBS (50%), Citi (49%), Harley-Davidson (43%), American Express (32%), Morgan Stanley (26%), HSBC (20%), Starbucks (16%), Sony (12%), Dell (12%) and Lexus (12%). Unsurprisingly, half of those companies are in the financial services sector.
  • Surprisingly, many luxury fashion brands retained or improved their 2008 rankings despite the recession and decreases in brand value, and three of the five brands new to the list are luxury fashion and accessories houses. Luxury fashion brands which retained or increased relative to their 2008 rankings include:

Louis Vuitton (ranked 16th in 2008 and 2009);

Gucci (ranked 45th in 2008, now ranked 41st in 2009);

Chanel (ranked 59th in 2009, up one spot from 2008);

Rolex (68th in 2009, up three positions from 2008);

Hermes (76th in 2008, now 70th in 2009);

Tiffany & Co. (80th in 2008, 76th in 2009);

Cartier (77th in 2009, up two places from 2008);

Prada (91st in 2008, now 87th in 2009);

Armani (89th in 2009, up from 94th in 2008).

The fashion new comers to the list are Puma (ranked 97th), Burberry (ranked 98th) and Polo Ralph Lauren (No. 99 on the list).

  • The only two Canadian brands are the list are Blackberry (ranked 63rd) and Thomson Reuters (position 40). Both have increased their ranking compared to 2008 (Blackberry is up 10 spots, Thomons Reuters is up four positions).

More coverage on the 100 Best Global Brands can be found on Interbrand’s and BusinessWeek’s websites. The 2008 vs. 2009 ranking can be found here.


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