IP Address Blog Updates for July 1, 2011

Draft Canadian anti-spam regs published by CRTC; comments due Aug 29/11 http://bit.ly/mn2P7c

IP News on Sony, Astellas, Intel, Apple, Wal-Mart’s smiley face lawsuit, & Warner http://bloom.bg/mGjkBp

Alleged hacking & privacy breach by OpenFeint | Game Network Sued Over Use of Phone IDs http://on.wsj.com/jZGEeT

US | Antitrust Regulator Makes Twitter Inquiries http://on.wsj.com/iAJShx

Sony Names New Management for Global PlayStation Unit http://nyti.ms/m3iTpY

Citing Homeless Law, Hackers Turn Sights on Orlando http://nyti.ms/jCiC9d

US | Punxsatawney Phil Predicts No More Knock-Offs http://bit.ly/mxpgZG

Starting a small business easier in Canada: survey http://bit.ly/knsX6s

US | Kodak shares plunge after patent ruling http://bit.ly/juTrpB

More on the Nortel patent auction; Google shut out http://nyti.ms/jvZRBs http://nyti.ms/lvPeb9

RIM, Apple, EMC, Ericsson, Microsoft & Sony buy Nortel patents for $4.5 B US, subject to Canadian & US court approval http://bit.ly/m3iU8e


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