IP Address Blog Updates for July 4, 2011

Irish fashion house suspends operations due to trademark dispute http://bit.ly/iLKKsy

Canada Access to Info laws| Many public servants aren’t standing up to political interference in access act: Drapeau http://bit.ly/jn4bBM

Copyright fight | UFC takes on online pirates in tough fight http://bit.ly/lCQ1WJ

Fox News Twitter account hacked; tweets report Obama’s death http://bit.ly/iwmmky

Sony Says It Will Resume PlayStation Network Services in Japan on July 6 http://bloom.bg/kLrAoe

Samsung Drops Counter-Suit Against Apple in California http://bloom.bg/kZhfJO

Hackers Hit Arizona Police Again http://nyti.ms/mRwmei

Stolen Code Is Linked to Program for Chess http://nyti.ms/mxWLDO

Music Pop divas turn copycats http://bit.ly/lH3btk

Twitter Tries To Move Patent Trial By Saying All Twitter Users Agree To Settle Legal Disputes On Twitter’s Home Turf http://bit.ly/jUy08z

ITC ruling mixed in S3 Graphics v Apple patent dispute http://cnet.co/iijPdh

Dr. Pepper Sues Dr. Pepper Bottler Over Cane Sugar “Dublin Dr. Pepper” http://bit.ly/j0LwD9

Mongols Win Fight for Logo http://bit.ly/iiRd2r

Hackers claim attack on Apple server: http://tgam.ca/Cd3H

US | Judge Won’t Dismiss Street View Suit Against Google Over Collecting Personal Data Obtained from Unsecured WiFi http://on.wsj.com/lX6hbU


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