IP Address Blog Updates for July 5, 2011

Web Games Threaten the Console http://buswk.co/kzdWhS

Apple Multitouch Patent Is All About UX Lock-In http://buswk.co/jDKnET

‘Do No Evil’ Has No Place in IP Warfare http://buswk.co/ifMm7s

UK | News Corp. Hit With New Phone-Hacking Claims http://bloom.bg/iPQ0jc

Google Left Searching for Patents After Nortel Loss http://bloom.bg/kF1U5w

BitTorrent turns ten http://natpo.st/kOL7cz

What Can Companies Do to Stop a DDoS Attack? http://nyti.ms/mICLik

Mobile banking apps take off http://bit.ly/iOP2Pq

Hackers’ Apple breach draws attention to security issues again http://bit.ly/iweJiz

Levi’s: California Leads Fight Against Counterfeit Apparel Goods tinyurl.com/5tqlwck (via @ipcrimeunit)

Google disables “Realtime Search” feature as deal with Twitter expires http://ti.me/lks6vH (via @Techland)


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