IP Address Blog Updates for July 6, 2011

PayPal closes accounts of IP infringers http://bit.ly/oN2glh

Victoria’s Secret seizes swimsuit domain, again http://bit.ly/rmx8Ne

With mobile gaming leading the way | Video Game Industry Continues Major Growth, Gartner Says http://nyti.ms/oiRoBK

Some of the most creative inventors are the most relaxed | Laid-Back in the Lab, Maybe, but They Spurred the Weapons Race http://deck.ly/~6yLYA

Antitrust lawyers – any implications? | Is Facebook Scared of Google+? Blocks Facebook Contacts Exporter Chrome Extension http://deck.ly/~op6Fa

EXCLUSIVE: Google To Retire Blogger & Picasa Brands in Google+ Push http://on.mash.to/jUb3Ht

Irony | Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg Is The Most Popular User On Google Plus http://onforb.es/iX4ZcI

Social media leaves trail for bosses, but there are ways to cover your tracks http://bit.ly/qdbg5g

Sony suspects pranksters hit Irish website: source http://reut.rs/oQNCxv

Google, Microsoft sued over map technology http://reut.rs/ixqN3q

Ford hit by tech patent case -Read all about it! http://cnct.in/1Nr (via @SociaLINAS)

British PM calls for inquiry into widening phone-hacking scandal http://bit.ly/pSmHHv

Shadow companies in Hong Kong: what a brilliant way to undermine someone else’s trade mark tinyurl.com/643oen7 (via @Ipkat)

HOW TO: Get Your Own Google+ Vanity URL http://pulse.me/s/xvd8 (via @jalexanderm)

Canada’s wine makers feel heat of hot loonie: http://tgam.ca/CeJE

U.S. Navy Tricked Into Buying 59000 Chinese Counterfeit Microchips j.mp/pdreBj (via @ipcrimeunit)

War of the rose: Rival breweries fight legal battle http://ind.pn/r2CFSa (via @CeeJayMcLeod)

Columbia Sportswear Co. and GoldToeMoretz face off in trademark infringement case | http://bit.ly/qeFHIW (via @TTABlog)

Audi, VW fail to get TDI as a Community trade mark, as “limping marks” come back into fashion tinyurl.com/669p35r (via @Ipkat)

Supreme Court Agrees to Hear Geolocation Privacy Case http://zite.to/q74Xrp (via @SapnaLawPC)

And real health & safety danger too | Fake purses, real money http://bit.ly/mZXbRV

Voluntary guidelines to allow for labelling of world’s genetically modified foods http://bit.ly/quGSW0

Erroneous wine labelling | Getting tipsy? Your wine bottle might be lying to you http://bit.ly/q3YhZK

Report: Morgan Stanley warns 34,000 clients of data breach http://cnet.co/nle1wN

Vint Cerf: ‘Very Concerned’ about Hacking Incident http://on.wsj.com/pxwqnk (via @WSJTech)

Patent at heart of Oracle-Google spat is declared invalid http://bit.ly/nL0RxK

More Hack Attacks | Cyberattacks on South Korea-US a test run: McAfee http://bit.ly/oqjrGp

‘Massive Infringement’ Case Against CNET Dropped over Limewire dropped http://bit.ly/qKZk2R

Gone Global: Fashion as Art? http://nyti.ms/ikVSMI

In war of egos, hackers battle a rival group http://bit.ly/kRdoYL

Canada | Counterfeit Cialis Seized in the Greater Toronto Area http://bit.ly/iMR6yK

Unlicensed: Are Google Music and Amazon Cloud Player illegal? http://bit.ly/ihJf3v

Wild Facebook parties could be banned in Germany http://tgr.ph/kefm33

Timeline of recent hacks: from Sony to Sega to Fox New http://tgr.ph/iooevv


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