IP Address Blog Updates for July 7, 2011

Nintendo: We won’t develop for smartphones http://cnet.co/oWsVfh

Why Microsoft’s Android Ransom Matters http://ti.me/qhDxOZ

IP News on Google, Nortel, Apple, Anheuser-Busch, LVMH http://bloom.bg/nEUJwM

Hacker Group Anonymous Targeted With Swiss Police Raid, Italian Charges http://bloom.bg/oN2FWw

Apple escalates Samsung battle, files ITC complaint http://natpo.st/pM2DbL

Claudia Schiffer aims to create lasting fashion brand http://reut.rs/mZuvlv

How to See If Your Facebook Apps Are Snooping on You http://nyti.ms/qs596f

A Variety of Methods Can Be Used to Tap Into Phones http://nyti.ms/qmMENJ

Judge rejects Apple bid for injunction against Amazon in APP STORE trade-mark dispute http://reut.rs/ptUYNn

Ad campaign lands Eska in hot water http://bit.ly/o1M4U7

Germany issues security warning after iOS jailbreak release tiny.ly/bRt7

IDENTITY THEFT: Thieves turn to stealing children’s identities and ruining their credit tiny.ly/yzSA

Microsoft seeks smartphone licensing payments from Samsung http://bit.ly/o0iObl

Canada’s Industry Minister wants review of Nortel patent auction | Paradis raises flag on Nortel patent auction http://bit.ly/nTzBCD

Warner Bros. Wins Key Legal Ruling Impacting All ‘Wizard of Oz’ Remakes http://bit.ly/oaTOTU

Government lab victim of sophisticated cyber attack http://reut.rs/oSgn0y


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