IP Address Blog Updates for July 8, 2011

After developer outcry, Facebook softens app spam controls http://bit.ly/qHSH5a

Wow! Mobile is now 2% of global GDP http://bit.ly/oyAUVx

Apple investigating flick, pour to send ‘physics metaphor’ gestures for iOS http://bit.ly/owPlqR

Beer, babes & domain names http://bit.ly/nmish4

Canadian government demanded user data, Google reveals http://bit.ly/nuOWDs

Article on the NY Supreme Court’s paperless initiative | Amid Stacks of Paper, ‘E-Court’ Is Finally in Session http://nyti.ms/oD4S7n

Millennial Leery of F-Commerce Due to Facebook Privacy Concerns [study] http://bit.ly/paRIid

More on the US ISP Anti-piracy initiative | To Slow Piracy, Internet Providers Ready Penalties http://nyti.ms/nqhIon

Fashion Math | How Can Jeans Cost $300? http://on.wsj.com/ru7SPu

Hacking report | Anonymous, LulzSec spawn ‘one of worst’ quarters http://cnet.co/rojOpO

Another hack attack | Washington Post ‘Jobs’ Hack Affects Nearly 1.3 Million Users

From The Bad Idea File: Installing Spyware on Apple Store Computers as an ‘Art Project’ http://onforb.es/o1AgcJ

In a world of social media, corrupt corporations are done like dictators http://bit.ly/pKIO5h

Watch what you tweet | How a tweet turned ugly for a baked-goods company http://bit.ly/rnxLyd

Social Media Background Check Beta | Gizmodo tests ‘Social Intelligence’ service http://bit.ly/ooFkrq

Article on 6 Strikes ISP Anti-Piracy Initiative in the US http://ti.me/prfHAj

How to Strengthen Your Twitter Security in Four Clicks http://ti.me/qKCjyi

Frisbee Caught in Patent Battle http://on.wsj.com/nByXPE


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