IP Address Blog Updates for July 12, 2011

EU court says online retailers responsible for trademark infringements on their websites http://wapo.st/qNfnyp

Big Business in Big Push for Cloud Standards http://bit.ly/nGWgC5

HP Kills Palm Brand, Renames It webOS Global Business Unit http://nyti.ms/pCTNsl

Groupon Changes Privacy Policy, Starts Tracking User Location http://nyti.ms/qZlZkH

Twitter Says Social-Networking Site Has Attracted 1 Million Applications http://bloom.bg/mY5SWn

Researchers mine tweets in search of health trends http://cnet.co/qt3ZuN

More malware targeting Android http://cnet.co/qVF8JW

Hacker warns of pending attack. Who is next? http://cnet.co/nd2sLk

IP News on Nortel, Gilead, Gateway Gaming http://bloom.bg/rdmc5R

Kimberly-Clark Loses Appeal in Sterilization Patent Dispute With Multigate http://bloom.bg/qtQFFg

Apple files new patent lawsuit against HTC http://bit.ly/nnHh17

Go Daddy no-no means No Daddy is no-go http://bit.ly/nH55IN

Google Seeks Immediate Appeal of Street View Wiretap Ruling http://bit.ly/r2lIof

Playlist Patent Lawsuit Costs Apple $8 Million http://ti.me/qqUp9n

Google Will Not Allow Google+ Profiles With Fake Names http://read.bi/mY3ce6

Tainted electronics could pose security threat http://bit.ly/rl6RFs

Government contactor Booz Allen hit by hack http://reut.rs/oq0bvL

Judges in U.S. and Canada approve sale of Nortel patents http://bit.ly/peRCRm

Banks find a legal (and privacy-respectful) way to sell consumers’ shopping data:

Rival sues Dropbox over rights to the name and website http://bit.ly/qI87SY

Dispute over copyright fees stops fashion show music | Copyright hawks stop music at Dakar Fashion Week parade http://bit.ly/pydjTg


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