IP Address Blog Updates for July 15, 2011

Plaintiiff drops second ever Twitter squatting lawsuit due to possible sanctions for procedural errors http://ti.me/rbz1bo

Lady Gaga’s YouTube Account Temporarily Suspended Over Alleged Copyright Violation http://bit.ly/nclU3B and http://cnet.co/naPQ5u

IP news on Paul Allen, Novozymes, Samsung and Lady Gaga http://bloom.bg/qjhlaL

Google Says Oracle Seeks ‘Harassing’ Deposition of Page in Patent Lawsuit http://bloom.bg/lLJCTR

Cyberwar Plan Has New Focus on Deterrence http://on.wsj.com/nGxypt

Cloud-Based Video Games Will Put Pirates Out of Business http://nyti.ms/nd9pGF

Hackers Gained Access to Sensitive Military Files http://nyti.ms/o6Apkq

Pentagon declares cyberspace a new warfare domain http://bit.ly/qXAkmU

Apple pays first compensation over tracking complaints http://bit.ly/o0VZXh


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