IP Address Blog Updates for July 18, 2011

IP News on HTC, Hitachi, Pernod Ricard, Wendy’s/Arby’s, Hilton http://bloom.bg/pa8B6E

Photographic copyright | Getty Images Says Google Plus Terms of Service Is ‘OK’ http://nyti.ms/qQaOkF

Facebook bans Google+ ad http://cnet.co/oEAA31

App developers withdraw from US as patent fears reach ‘tipping point’ http://bit.ly/nTkzpI

South Korea | Avid iPhone user wages privacy fight against Apple http://bit.ly/oby6tW

Yves Saint Laurent Defends Its Red Soles Against Christian Louboutin’s Charges http://bit.ly/qAYBEb

US | Wild Turkey vs. Old Crow over trade-mark infringement http://bit.ly/ocWqvz

Forever 21 Gets Sued For Copying — Again http://bit.ly/pwXM7s

Apple wins initial ITC ruling on HTC phone http://reut.rs/qY1yLq

Pirate Site Accuses Competitor of… Pirating? http://nyti.ms/o8OyH2

Germany | Procter & Gamble sues German detergent maker Luhns http://onforb.es/rj7LI7

Canada | Bell could face class action over false advertising claims on pricing http://bit.ly/oMQdLh


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