IP Address Blog Updates for July 20, 2011

Google warns of massive malware outbreak http://natpo.st/oRcySQ

US | Judge pressures writers, Google to settle books case http://bit.ly/nrblbu

Report: Lady Gaga U.K. Web site hacked http://cnet.co/n3w0pJ

US | Bill Aims to Limit Identity Theft Using Medicare Cards http://nyti.ms/qPAx1A

U.S. Arrests Man for Theft of AT & T Confidential Documents http://on.wsj.com/q1LdU2

FBI raids homes of suspected ‘Anonymous’ hackers http://bit.ly/ori6Fy

At Home Trustee’s Lawsuit Accuses AT&T, Verizon of Infringing Video Patent http://bloom.bg/palUYX

IP News on Rolls-Royce, Vibram, HTC, Harry Potter, Micro Focus http://bloom.bg/raET0v

Fourteen arrested for alleged cyberattack on PayPal http://bit.ly/nC6B4V

LulzSec: We’re Sitting on Trove of ‘The Sun’ Email http://ti.me/pVdpRH

Arbiter says Kodak didn’t infringe Apple patents http://bit.ly/qB4Mbo

Hearing on whether Blockbuster Canada can use BLOCKBUSTER trade-marks is delayed http://bit.ly/qXPkeA

Alleged Data Theft of >4 Million Docs from JSTOR, Facing 35 Years in Prison http://ti.me/qy9sBH

Microsoft Should Pay Alcatel Up to $75 Million Over Patent, Witness Says http://bloom.bg/pHheV9

What’s in a Name: Twitter Was Almost Called ‘Jitter’ or ‘Twitch’ http://ti.me/phDDQn

C-Suite: Canada Goose takes on counterfeiters http://natpo.st/p8C3o3

Canada | Ottawa won’t review Nortel patent sale http://bit.ly/pT5c3K

Dutch telecom hikes rates after net neutrality law http://bit.ly/q0ZtYr

Mobile devices to lead consumer electronics growth: report http://bit.ly/qjLDWo

An update on the red-sole shoe lawsuit between Louboutin and YSL http://bit.ly/ndAJvn

Licensing | Sanrio Will Spend Up to $377 Million to Cut Reliance on Hello Kitty Goods goo.gl/uB3hI


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