IP Address Blog Updates for July 21, 2011

Social Media History Becomes a New Job Hurdle http://nyti.ms/mP03GY
Hackers Shift Attacks to Small Firms http://on.wsj.com/ovjPIF
IP News on Nortel, Starbucks, Sprinkles Cupcakes, Google http://bloom.bg/pyZKqh
Kodak Considers Options for Digital-Imaging Patents http://on.wsj.com/nGxDQL
Google Purchases ‘g.co’ Short Links (and What That Means for the Web) http://ti.me/qWuc8Z
Apple playlist patent suit winner hits replay for repay http://cnet.co/oTBr2l
Amazon, CBS Reach Content-Licensing Deal http://on.wsj.com/oneo0K
Sony Sued by Zurich American Insurance Over PlayStation Hacking Coverage http://bloom.bg/quCrMd
Google in Talks to Scoop Up Patents http://on.wsj.com/rhY4Cz

The Rise of the Fake Apple Store http://nyti.ms/ppCeyY

How Forever 21 Keeps Getting Away With Designer Knockoffs http://bit.ly/rbWqX6
U.S. fight against cyber intruders goes local http://bit.ly/qgmZU6
Kim Kardashian Contemplates Suing Old Navy Over Lookalike in Ads http://onforb.es/qfzlSe

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