IP Address Blog Updates for July 22, 2011

Facebook users revolt over ‘diabolical’ iPhone app http://bit.ly/rcWNRy

Businesses More Concerned With Reputation Than Fines http://bit.ly/nXLWvR

Hacking groups say they are back after FBI arrests http://bit.ly/ruJ72d

Patent: iPhones could get offline app purchasing power http://cnet.co/pWuUUE

Cyberthugs Love Smartphones and Leaky, Sneaky Mobile Malware http://bit.ly/qrEzfG

TSA hopes scanner upgrades reduce privacy worries http://cnet.co/oZsbax

Bootup: Google ‘ready to settle’ with Oracle in multi-billion dollar Android lawsuit http://natpo.st/oyUzsk

Privacy Concerns Will Topple Facebook One Day http://bit.ly/nTGg8C

Corporate Security Chiefs Focus on ‘Human’ Side of Cybercrime http://on.wsj.com/ovLMIu

Apple Contributes Half the Cost of Nortel Patents http://bit.ly/ns5yD6

IP News on Apple-HTC, Eastman Kodak, ‘Salvation Boulevard’ http://bloom.bg/najKKa

German Security Authorities Hacked http://bit.ly/oc67HP

Google Says It Rejected $100 Million Java Deal From Sun in Patent Trial http://bloom.bg/nVnwYX

Angry Birds maker targeted in Lodsys suit http://cnet.co/pv63q4

Hackers claim to breach NATO security http://bit.ly/pjpGmf

Hackers target intelligence agency contractors http://reut.rs/r8k4Wn

Judge criticizes Google and Oracle at hearing http://reut.rs/oEj91p

U.S. cyber arrests seen leading to more hackers http://reut.rs/mUONYN


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