IP Address Blog Updates for July 25, 2011

Street View cars grabbed locations of phones, PCs http://cnet.co/r2VIFI

Among Gen Y, Some Are Abandoning Facebook for Google+ http://nyti.ms/o9yWAW

Google Accidentally Drops Hint About Games Coming for Google+ http://nyti.ms/qtyeZU

Facebook glitch exposes private videos http://cnet.co/of3Lqg

China Orders Two of Five Fake Apple Stores to Close, Dushi Shibao Reports http://bloom.bg/pLGw5n

Cyberwar Hysteria Aids Advisers, Hurts U.S.: Susan Crawford http://bloom.bg/pAZKTa

Oracle’s $6.1 Billion Damage Estimate Excluded in Java Case Against Google http://bloom.bg/ntfwEg

Who’s Tracking Your Cell Phone? http://bit.ly/ncFTre

Google+ Users Irked at Surge in Deleted Accounts http://bit.ly/qb0qX9

Intellectual Property News on Verizon v. Cablevision, Teva, Motorola, Zynga, Fake Apple Stores, Kardashian http://bloom.bg/nEeo2J

Judge to Rule ‘Soon’ on Bid to Stop Yves Saint Laurent’s Red-Sole Shoes http://bloom.bg/numqua

Microsoft sued over Kinect for patent infringement http://cnet.co/qZ6CcA

Apple, Groupon Are Said to Settle Their Patent Suits With Walker Digital http://bloom.bg/qoOXkS

A & E Sues Florida Pawn Shop over PAWN STARS Trademark http://bit.ly/oK8pwA

Apple Laptops Vulnerable To Hack That Kills Or Corrupts Batteries http://onforb.es/o0QjBo

Europe Turns to the Cloud http://nyti.ms/pU7rXj

.ca Registration Authority Implements Amended Dispute Resolution Rules & Procedure on Aug 22 11 http://bit.ly/ruTKEq

Monopoly or Success Story? | Google Under Fire for Not Playing Fair http://bit.ly/pK7syK

Facebook wins dismissal of second Winklevoss case http://bit.ly/nBgaKf

Fake Apple Stores Get Fake News Video http://nyti.ms/oghypX

Icahn Prods Motorola to Explore Patent Sale http://on.wsj.com/o3u6qp

Google Removes Customer Reviews From Other Websites From Search Results http://on.wsj.com/oXKCjG

Malware is a Disease; Let’s Treat it that Way http://bit.ly/q6UPwU

Copycat Apple Store Prompts China Investigation http://on.wsj.com/rlhz9T

Kobo, WSJ Halt Direct Sales on Apple-Device Apps http://on.wsj.com/pZeUeU

Facial-recognition technology needs limits, privacy advocates warn http://bit.ly/nNxem3


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