IP Address Blog Updates for July 26, 2011

Social Engineering: 3 Mobile Malware Techniques http://bit.ly/pQ5bRQ

Hackers steal data from Austria TV fee collector http://bit.ly/ruNqpy

Naming Names: Google Wrestles With Anonymity http://bit.ly/nImsIY

IP News on Samsung Electronics, Rovio, Apple, Stephens Media and the UK’s Trademark Law http://bloom.bg/okAlLF

‘Anonymous’ strikes Italy’s cyber police http://bit.ly/nEO9BR

Milk Campaign Ended Amid Social Media Firestorm http://nyti.ms/rp7pSb

Codebook Shows an Encryption Form Dates Back to Telegraphs http://nyti.ms/nExsBt

LaChapelle Can Take Def Jam & Rihanna to Trial http://bit.ly/o3yMXD

J&J Takeover Target Synthes Sues Globus Medical Over Spine Implant Patents http://bloom.bg/qP3Jfz

Qualcomm Buys Assets From GestureTek To Add Gesture Recognition Technology To Snapdragon http://tcrn.ch/poUIAG

Google On The Nortel Loss, Patents As Government-Granted Monopolies, And Plates Of Spaghetti http://tcrn.ch/nODFlf


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