IP Address Blog Updates for July 27, 2011

Facebook facial-recognition feature won’t be available to Canadians http://t.co/EzrY9IX

Study: Attacks Against Websites Attempted Every Two Minutes http://ti.me/ombsJk

Google+ name policy ‘frustrating,’ Google confesses http://cnet.co/nb1amz

Future Stuff: Apple Files Patent for Sexy Sounding Keyless Keyboard http://ti.me/pfyivC

Google General Counsel Says Smartphone Patents Are ‘Gumming Up’ Innovation http://bloom.bg/q04phl

HTC Says Willing to Negotiate With Apple on Patent Dispute http://bloom.bg/na0CAF

Google Books Bows to New Apple App Store Rules http://bit.ly/nnMiJW

Aussie swimmer warns athletes over social media ‘monster’ http://bit.ly/oq3ogM

IP News on Johnson & Johnson, Pronova, IV, South African Breweries, Disney http://bloom.bg/nAm5hH

EA Chief Says Video Game Industry Is Fundamentally Changing http://nyti.ms/qmGEJK

Why Won’t Netflix Pair with Facebook in the U.S.? http://ti.me/omHme3

Canadian casinos, banks, police use facial-recognition technology http://bit.ly/qkbuNy

Avengers disassembled: Battle brews over Marvel’s copyrights http://bit.ly/rbtjrS

Cornell software fingers fake online reviews http://cnet.co/rlIWvR

Patents take spotlight as Kodak posts losses http://reut.rs/qdw4x


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