IP Address Blog Updates for July 28, 2011

Personal data of 35 million hacked in attack on South Korean social media sites http://bit.ly/p7lxEm

L’Oréal ads found misleading by UK advertising regulator bit.ly/oFhnEC

UK High Court finds Stormtrooper helmet repros f(x)al under UK law, protected by (c) in the US http://bit.ly/osy69N http://bit.ly/ofgb9z

Does Freedom of Tweet Extend past Morality Clauses? http://ti.me/nOpo24

IP news on Google, InterDigital, HTC-Apple, Irell & Manella http://bloom.bg/rfYbqg

Russia Investigates Web Security Amid Leaks of Data, Sex Receipts http://on.wsj.com/qYKsA7

A summary of the Stormtrooper helmet litigation in the US and UK by the @ipkat team http://bit.ly/pQzct2

Move over, Imelda Marcos: RCMP seizes 7,400 pairs of alleged counterfeit shoes http://bit.ly/rb6WkX

Warner Bros alleged to have removed other people’s content on Hotfile http://ti.me/ni8HEi

Internet Privacy Controls Challenge Tech Industry Internet Privacy Controls Challenge Tech Industry

It’s Patent Season… | Patent hunting is latest game on tech bubble circuit http://bit.ly/qJRBEm

Suspected LulzSec spokesman arrested: British police http://bit.ly/nlEIkr

Possible Privacy Breach? | 6500 Ontario Cancer Patient Records Lost in Mail, Another 5440 Records Missing http://bit.ly/qyOWNV


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