IP Address Blog Updates for August 3, 2011

Massive cyber attack hit Canadian targets http://bit.ly/omf9cv

Canadian government launches anti-spam law website http://bit.ly/oOHvuX

Department of Defense looking to analyze tweets in order to gather intel | http://ti.me/nRIaao

Researchers warn of SCADA equipment discoverable via Google http://cnet.co/nNR5tc

U.K. Dragon’s Den millionaire appeals to followers to uncover Twitter blackmailer http://bit.ly/qhGpWh

Study: Cybercrime costs on the rise from last year http://cnet.co/nJ7elF

Security firm warns of new Twitter threat http://cnet.co/qQQyxf

Google facing 9 anti-trust complaints in EU probe http://bit.ly/q4kJG6

Oprah Winfrey, Harpo Sued Over ‘Own Your Power’ Motto http://bit.ly/nJXp7Z

Samsung delays Australia tablet launch on Apple suit http://reut.rs/mWboLg

Kodak Selling Image Previewing Patents at Issue in Apple, RIM Lawsuits http://bit.ly/qY2sVe

Apple cracks down on in-app payment links http://bit.ly/qDE8x0

EA Sports tacks on fees for early access to games http://bit.ly/obE5lg

Pentagon Seeks a Few Good Social Networkers http://nyti.ms/p2aJ5s

Google Buys IBM Patents for Warchest http://bloom.bg/qGwzfA

Citing Copyright, Judge Orders Movie Streaming Service Zediva to Shut Down http://nyti.ms/mWRTKa

U.S. government agencies descend on Defcon to recruit hackers http://bit.ly/oKz8K4

Google Loses Bid to Seal Records in Patent Case With Oracle http://bloom.bg/qLFulU

Alleged LulzSec member released on bail, ordered off Web http://bit.ly/oDkhUE

Knockoff Ikea Stores in China http://bit.ly/nqGBmb and http://bit.ly/mZPdgo

Sony’s video game unit buys Sucker Punch studio http://reut.rs/oaSmLY

Police arrest “key figure” in News Corp hacking probe http://reut.rs/pqqxvV

U.S. trade panel to probe Apple claim against Samsung http://reut.rs/r2wPop

UK to legalize private copying of CDs: source http://reut.rs/pW2YZ0


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