IP Address Blog Updates for August 4, 2011

Nine Degrees of Separation: How Easily Your Personal Info Can Be Found Online http://ti.me/qLqnFR

Security Firm Sees Global Cyberspying http://nyti.ms/pimTDi

Samsung Said to Be Examining InterDigital Patents After Being Invited to Make Bid http://bloom.bg/pDKSRu

Anonymous, LulzSec Could Up Their Game, U.S. Warns http://bit.ly/qhhEvI

IP News on Apple-Samsung, Google, Georgia-Pacific, Disney http://bloom.bg/qOXeVv

Facebook Explores Changes to News Feed http://on.wsj.com/obGUCb

No imagination needed: Pisa fights back against raunchy tower souvenirs http://bit.ly/phdsIi

Google blog | When patents attack Android http://bit.ly/oF1hWD

Germany Investigating Facebook Tagging Feature http://nyti.ms/o2Ow3C

Zynga Sues Google Over Vostu Dispute, Brazilian Judge Grants Injunction http://tcrn.ch/riI2ZU

Korea | Apple fined $2,800 for location tracking http://cnet.co/pSJWZ9

Keeping up with the hackers (chart) http://cnet.co/l1DJzp

All cursors point to China in global hack attack that threatens nations http://bit.ly/nphkVd

Operation Shady RAT May Be The Biggest Hack In History, But It Is No Surprise http://nyti.ms/nm8j9x

Brands Now Direct Their Followers to Social Media http://nyti.ms/p0tOgR

Google VP Accuses Competitors of “Attacking” Android with Patents http://rww.to/nnMzne

U.K. shakes up copyright laws, scraps plan to block websites http://bit.ly/pZ7Wkk

Photographer sues A&E for copyright infringement alleging unauthorized use of photos on “Project Runway” website bit.ly/p5fulo


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