IP Address Blog Updates for August 5, 2011

Perfect 10 loses appeal in Google copyright case http://cnet.co/o5YIbV

White House Names a New Chief of Information Technology http://nyti.ms/ng5sQV

Hackers in China Breach UN, Olympic Committee Networks, Security Firms Say http://bloom.bg/rlNOp2

Google Says Microsoft’s Offer to Let It Join Novell Patent Bid Was a Ploy http://bloom.bg/qWkHcH

Judge OKs Google E-mail About Licensing Java http://bit.ly/pRWvOE

Hacking Flurry Forces Symantec to Seek Fixes http://bloom.bg/pTVotb

Spam King Sanford Wallace Indicted for Facebook Spam http://bit.ly/opmWI1

Google – Microsoft patent dispute moves to social media http://nyti.ms/nNPlpn

Researchers find avenues for fraud in Square http://cnet.co/nWkZWv

Apple lawsuit presumed to target counterfeit stores http://cnet.co/pj3W8F

Top 5 Potential Cyber-Enemies for the United States http://bit.ly/nr7u5e

Former Counterterrorist Chief: Cyber Attacks Are the Next Big Threat http://on.wsj.com/oRciJE

Korea | Chinese Hackers Blamed for Database Theft http://bit.ly/pqvnAg

Judge Rules Against Remotely Watching DVDs over the Internet http://ti.me/r2R2dk

Forget the phone, forget the profits http://bit.ly/nA1hFQ

Google and Microsoft in a Tit for Tat Over Patents http://nyti.ms/phDIsk

“Shady Rat” hack raises computer security concerns http://bit.ly/mR0wGd

Hackers steal US$1Bn a year from banks http://natpo.st/oRWwtC

A Face Launches 1,000 Apps http://on.wsj.com/olHADr

Intellectual property news on Samsung Electronics, BAT, Virgin, Starfire, Google http://bloom.bg/oLqZBF

Mattel Must Pay MGA $225 Million in Punitive Damages, Fees in Bratz Case http://bloom.bg/o5X7T0

Steve Madden photographer sues over Bratz http://bit.ly/r5HYL5

Air Canada fined by U.S. for ‘deceptive’ price advertising http://bit.ly/oe8924


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