IP Address Blog Updates for August 8, 2011

Citigroup Hit by Data Theft in Japan http://on.wsj.com/n7mZhb

Square Vulnerable To Hack To Steal Money http://on.wsj.com/qfwUzh

Apple hits Big Apple stores with trademark lawsuit http://bit.ly/pVS6Pg

At a Hacker Conference, Plenty of Friendly Federal Agents http://nyti.ms/nFHnG0

10-year-old hacker finds zero-day flaw in games http://cnet.co/qzzSFI

Judge Derails Lawsuit Against 23,322 People Who Pirated ‘The Expendables’ http://ti.me/qM35ei

Group Hacks U.S. Law Enforcement Sites and Steals Data http://nyti.ms/okZBnp

Picking Locks and Hacking Servers at Defcon http://nyti.ms/nZhe9y

Google, Microsoft Patent Spat Heats Up http://on.wsj.com/osA3gs

Former Cisco Engineer Indicted on Hacking Charges http://bit.ly/of78mS

A Homemade Drone Snoops on Wireless Networks http://nyti.ms/p67jbv

AT&T Changes Voicemail Policy To Thwart Hacking http://on.wsj.com/opJAnQ

Facebook says it’s found ‘smoking gun’ in Ceglia suit http://cnet.co/rbLDcm

AntiSec hackers post stolen police data as revenge for arrests http://cnet.co/nAeSEz

Your smartphone: a new frontier for hackers http://bit.ly/nWq1F5

Guardians of Internet Security Are Targets http://nyti.ms/p67jbv

IP News on Google, Bacardi, Anheuser-Busch, SocGen, Mambo http://bloom.bg/pRxItJ

Privacy and social media : how to track down an entire family from one tweet: http://dld.bz/akjE6


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