IP Address Blog Updates for August 10, 2011

IP news on InterDigital, Teva, Pozen, Bodum, Augusta, & Mavrix http://bloom.bg/pECAgV

BlackBerry blog hacked as RIM lends support to London police http://deck.ly/~NaGZc

Companies Lose $2.5 Million from Missing Memory Sticks, Study Says http://bit.ly/r5WBc9

RIM’s dilemma: BlackBerry fueled riots put core privacy principles at risk http://zd.net/nXsCwO

Health Canada warns MDs not to push drugs online http://bit.ly/qNSga1

New smartphone app uncovers London’s Roman ruins http://bit.ly/q10Nwg

Google Group Members to Use Facial Recognition to Identify London Rioters http://tcrn.ch/ngM0Vm

Apple Granted Injunction to Block Samsung Tablet Sales in Europe http://ti.me/qMvMgR

Anonymous: Facebook’s going down November 5 http://cnet.co/nwf25h

BlackBerry’s Fall From Executive Suite to London Looters May Bruise Brand http://bloom.bg/rstQPP

VMware Licensing Change Opens Doors for Competing Providers http://bit.ly/nLoe9s

China Says It Was Targeted in 500,000 Cyberattacks http://ti.me/plZrgz

Google Accuses Oracle of Delay Tactics in Android Suit http://bit.ly/pRvAJ8

The Cyber Crime Tide is Turning http://bit.ly/olf0SL

London Police Use Flickr to Identify Looters http://nyti.ms/n2U6wq

Lawsuit Aimed at Apple’s Mac OS May Be Android Battle by Proxy, Says Expert http://bit.ly/pnZbA7

New Apple patents cover touch-screen, voicemail tech http://cnet.co/qmjWl1

Google+ Bug Can Expose IM Conversations http://nyti.ms/oTZ0Cm

ITC to Investigate Another Apple Complaint Against HTC http://bit.ly/q6Q3xW

Judge warns about growing problem of ‘mistrial by Google http://bit.ly/qPrtO0

Hacker to Demonstrate ‘Weak’ Mobile Internet Security http://nyti.ms/qFbp6d

Levi’s Hiring ‘Just Do It’ Veteran Means Shift to Global Advertising Focus http://bloom.bg/r7bn2j

Wolfram Latest to Seek Protection From Lodsys http://bit.ly/oYRxB1


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