IP Address Blog Updates for August 11, 2011

Europe | Apple scores patent win against Samsung http://bit.ly/r0of6x

FTC Focuses Probe on Android, Web Search http://on.wsj.com/oLcxOd

Massachusetts woman sues over Gmail snooping http://cnet.co/qxVeAW

Facebook to close U.S. prison inmate accounts http://bit.ly/oGOoEh

IP News on Research In Motion, Apple, Vermillion, Ikea http://bloom.bg/orxMbT

Apple copycat ‘hiPhone 5’ comes calling in China http://bit.ly/qZM4ZV

NY Court Refuses to Grant Louboutin Preliminary Injunction Against Yves Saint Laurent in Red Sole Trademark Case http://bloom.bg/n08Q0j

Researchers decrypt data on mobile networks http://cnet.co/rctgAu

When a Cloud Service Vanishes: How to Protect Your Data http://bit.ly/mZOdWN

Hong Kong exchange hit by hackers http://bit.ly/qym1Td

South African Police Arrest Man for Selling Jailbroken PS3s http://bit.ly/n6I77q

Security Flaws in Feds’ Radios Make for Easy Eavesdropping http://on.wsj.com/oAIRcz

On Its Own, Europe Backs Web Privacy Fights http://nyti.ms/qRmMJn

Two Charged in Missing iPhone Prototype Case http://nyti.ms/pFdlIg

Anonymous Vows to Topple Facebook, But Is It a Hoax? http://ti.me/qKB1IJ

Apple sues Motorola over Xoom design, report says http://cnet.co/pXTsa8

Apple’s Device Dominance Drives E-book Price-fixing Lawsuit http://bit.ly/oYXVRe

Bevy Of Apple Patents Granted, From Visual Voicemail To PCI Card Brackets http://tcrn.ch/qvYcKO


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