IP Address Blog Updates for August 12, 2011

Louboutin sees red, will appeal red sole trademark decision http://bit.ly/omNdk1

Britain’s musings of social-media ban fraught with technical difficulty http://bit.ly/o6xqTO

First Descents files trademark lawsuit against Eddie Bauer

Australia creates adult-oriented R18+ game classification http://bit.ly/qX2Wxm

Android Patent Trouble Worsens: Motorola Considers Collecting IP Royalties http://tcrn.ch/qScboZ

Chinese authorities find 22 more fake Apple stores http://bit.ly/ntfeO3

Your Facebook Friends Aren’t Your Own Choice, Says Science http://ti.me/mZHMlr

The relationship between the economy and piracy http://nyti.ms/pbIjz7

Facebook Security Practices Questioned in Wake of Anonymous Threat http://bit.ly/pq8fD9

U.K. face-matching program working overtime on riot footage http://bit.ly/nLfRnZ

LinkedOut: Another Social Network Opt-Out Draws Fire http://on.wsj.com/pmpefF

Mobile Apps Fail Big Time at Security, Study Says http://bit.ly/q7eCnD

Google Claims Microsoft Improperly Showed Android Code to Expert http://bit.ly/q0OHXT

U.K. may disrupt social networks during unrest http://bit.ly/nUtD9t

LinkedIn may have broken EU privacy law by not disclosing privacy settings change http://bit.ly/oiUdcX

NYPD to Scour Facebook and Twitter for Evidence of Crimes http://ti.me/oOYc1J

Google and Facebook face-off in social games http://reut.rs/nSy8lu


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