IP Address Blog Updates for August 16, 2011

Why the Google-Motorola Deal Is About More Than Mobile Phones http://t.co/s2bKPEe

German Court to Hear Appeal of Apple-Samsung Galaxy Tablet EU Temporary Injunction on Aug 25 bloom.bg/p4RtPC

Borders Sells Off its Intellectual Property, Including Website and Agreements with Kobo cnet.co/p0ndyU

San Francisco | Anonymous Hacks Transit Website over Blocked Cell Phone Service to Prevent Social Media Fueled Protests bit.ly/ndVq1z

Apple-Google Duel for Mobile Supremacy Boon for Lawyers bloom.bg/no7qCG

Model Settles Lawsuit With Vampire Weekend Over ‘Contra’ Photo deck.ly/~WAt19

Fashion Photog Sues Sephora Over Ad Campaign bit.ly/qGiaKB

List of Top Brands on Facebook Led by Fashion, Food, Gaming but not Infotech bit.ly/qAiOsY

IP News on ActiveVideo v. Verizon, Facebook v. Shagbook, & JWOWW Being Sued Over a Tanning Bottle Design bloom.bg/oGv77a

Brit arrested in water fight planned via Facebook, BlackBerry cnet.co/pJWtBD

US | Record Industry Braces for Artists’ Battles Over Song Rights nyti.ms/nSxGJi

Facebook Says ‘Authentic’ Ceglia Contract Undermines His Ownership Claims

With Motorola Acquisition, Google Mimics Apple’s Vertical Integration Strategy on.wsj.com/qt3qej

Fight Over ‘…With Friends’ Brand Brewing? bit.ly/pBiYvJ

Mobile Advertising: The Next Generation bit.ly/oZLksK

US | FTC Settles First App Case, Involving Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) Violation nyti.ms/o2hZeu

Google’s Motorola Mobility Takeover May Survive U.S. Regulatory Scrutiny

EU | Allegation that Apple Evidence in Samsung Galaxy Lawsuit May Be Inaccurate

Apple files Chinese trademark to protect Smart Cover cnet.co/qPlgqE

FCC reviewing SF subway cell shut down as BART braces for protest cnet.co/pHWXAP

Bloomberg Hit With Suit Over Unlicensed Use of Photo bit.ly/p8me5Q

Google arms itself in smart phone wars bit.ly/mXddh2


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