IP Address Blog Updates for August 18, 2011

Abercrombie and Fitch Offers to Pay ‘The Situation’ To Stop Wearing Its Clothes on.wsj.com/ol2ALD

Spam is at a Two-Year High, Report Says bit.ly/rpN7GY

Forever 21’s Suppliers Are Also Being Sued for Copyright Infringement bit.ly/qx05D2

Music Publishing Group Drops Appeal of YouTube Copyright Infringement Case bloom.bg/nlATPl

Google Wants Judge to Dismiss Four Charges in Oracle Suit bit.ly/ooHXFo

Minecraft maker offers to settle suit with trial by virtual combat cnet.co/ozSGP1

One Million Online Users Bringing Rift Between Sony-Microsoft Games: Tech bloom.bg/obEe8U

Kodak Worth Five Times More in Breakup With $3 Billion Patents: Real M&A bloom.bg/pfGE5o

Intellectual Property News on HTC, Second Sight, GoDaddy, iiNet, Summit, TCW bloom.bg/oMnnw8

Apple sued over iPhone privacy in massive South Korean lawsuit bit.ly/pO6krJ

More cyberattacks hitting social networks cnet.co/ntmNCF

Report: Kodak begins patent sale onforb.es/pgmiLw

Quest for Patents Brings New Focus in Tech Deals nyti.ms/pRoxHQ

Baidu Criticized for Fraudulent Keyword Advertising bit.ly/pPoOB0

Facebook Says Ceglia Sent Contract in 2004 bloom.bg/oS4Sks

Tech wrap: Companies continue patent buys reut.rs/ooVz7X

A Bull Market in Tech Patents nyti.ms/qUlfJ2

US | Writers’ settlement with publishers thrown out reut.rs/pUFC0X

New iPad App from Google Gives Catalog Shopping a Digital Twist ti.me/nPEQgq

San Francisco Transit Website Hacked bit.ly/rus7QG

Music channels set to launch on mobile phones bit.ly/napFUb

Wi-LAN, Mosaid deal would create patent powerhouse bit.ly/n2mmtS

‘FarmVille’ maker sued over patent infringement bit.ly/pqMqKw

Microsoft/Motorola lawsuit moved to Seattle from Florida Due to Witnesses’ Location reut.rs/pXzorK


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