IP Address Blog Updates for August 25, 2011

Made-in-France espadrilles fight off Asian copies http://reut.rs/mSjJNT

US | Federal Push for ‘Cloud’ Technology Faces Skepticism nyti.ms/qovNAi

Social Media Help Find U.S. Student in Malaysia nyti.ms/rbth4u

ComScore takes users’ credit card numbers: lawsuit bit.ly/oXR2tn

US Navy likes Google+ for communications strategy because of its less stringent security settings bit.ly/oECQ21

US | Feds Crack Down on Illegally Streamed Sporting Events bit.ly/qt9vUI

U.S. battery firms reportedly targeted in online attack cnet.co/ri5Ka8

US | New Data Spill Shows Risk of Online Health Records ti.me/od7pbc

Web Site Ranks Hacks and Bestows Bragging Rights nyti.ms/nM8MKD

Hells Angels sue Hollywood fashion house for trademark infringement bit.ly/qsm8fK (via@globeandmail)

No truce in patent wars natpo.st/rhKR1A

Euro ban for Samsung Galaxy phone bbc.in/o3aKSv

Facebook changes privacy tools for photos ; allows photo subjects to approve tagging bit.ly/r59fxC

US | Google settles pharmacy ad probe for $500 million USD bit.ly/nMuZWF

US | Federal Judge: No Warrant? No Cell Phone Location Data ti.me/rmCLXD

‘Anonymous’ hacker quits, burns bridges on way out cnet.co/pplKMD

Facebook and Twitter Will Say No to Social Media Blocking in Wake of Riots ti.me/rdZmpX

Yale oversight exposes 43,000 Social Security numbers cnet.co/omYjxZ

When hackers become The Man cnet.co/qWboZF

Apple v. Samsung in EU table lawsuit | In Patent Battle, Samsung Cites Kubrick’s ‘2001’ as Defense bit.ly/oflofX

Put that website down, you don’t know where it’s been! bit.ly/o7VBHz


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