IP Address Blog Updates for August 26, 2011

IP News on Steve Jobs, Australia Tobacco, Samsung, Google, BBC http://bloom.bg/oXVOcm

Labatt, Molson battle again over $375M NHL sponsorship deal bit.ly/nAVrim

Donnie & Mark Wahlburg acquire WAHLBURGER TM license to open their Boston restaurant http://bit.ly/n2hUnc

The Twitter effect: We are all members of the media now bit.ly/oz77ZR

Apple’s iOS5 Quake Notifications in Japan Could Point to the Future of Push nyti.ms/prmlVs

Samsung banned from selling iPad tablet rival in Germany; court unlikely to extend ban to entire EU nyti.ms/qgkAZP

Britain not seeking to shut down social media in riots bit.ly/oVQeSw

British police charge man over Anonymous attacks bit.ly/qA2bf8

US | Firehouse subs loses trademark lawsuit over FIREHOUSE trade-mark bit.ly/qoMXIg

How private is that text message? bit.ly/r6niMq

Nice summary of the Louboutin vs YSL red sole TM litigation | Don’t Step on My Red-Soled Shoes! bit.ly/qVV1Pn

Canadian Police seize counterfeit jerseys with unlicensed logos bit.ly/qen5CV


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