IP Address Blog Updates for September 1, 2011

The security risks of employees using their own smart phones at work http://bit.ly/rrjeYQ

Google launches Canadian online movie service bit.ly/pc9Jwb

Nokia, Microsoft tap Mosaid to handle huge patent trove bit.ly/n6VT94

Openwave files ITC complaint and US Fed Court lawsuit against Apple & RIM, alleging infringement of various IT patents http://cnet.co/rk5fHK

Study: Thermal Imaging Could Be Used to Hack ATM Codes ti.me/pbH0Eg

Y Combinator’s Patent Pledge Asks Tech Companies To Grant Startups Patent Immunity

Fashion shows in 3D can allow buyers to see clothes in more detail nyti.ms/pNdmZp

US | Pfizer Settles Lipitor Patent Lawsuit With Generic-Drug Maker Dr. Reddy’s bloom.bg/pV6oVl

Anonymous claims DNS attacks against Symantec, Apple, Microsoft cnet.co/q2LmJb

Report: Facebook music platform to debut at f8 in late September bit.ly/mUa9SE

Wikileaks leaks US diplomatic cable alleging Chinese factories export enough “bad Apples” to ‘Supply the World’ bit.ly/pHJgeL

IP news on Eastman Kodak, Delano Farms, Hachette Book, Bravado bloom.bg/nsalkV

WikiLeaks And The Tech Industry bit.ly/p8yOyK

New social networks offer ‘training wheels’ for young users bit.ly/qzvqci

RCMP seizes counterfeit Winnipeg Jets jerseys bit.ly/quKV7y

Hackers Impersonate Google to Snoop on Users in Iran nyti.ms/mQNTI5

Hackers Break Into Linux Source Code Site bit.ly/qi2QT6

Google Certificate Hackers May Have Stolen 200 Others bit.ly/r1WEGI

Bots are crawling new domain registrations and namesquatting Twitter handles | Ross Duggan bit.ly/nOuRm9

Motorola deal offers Google ‘great’ tax, patent benefits bit.ly/p6v6nH


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