IP Address Blog Updates for September 6, 2011

UPS Website Traffic Redirected by Hackers Whose Targets Included Vodafone http://bloom.bg/oZjGEf

Thomas Friedman To United States: Innovate Or Else bit.ly/pwjncn

Nature Photographer Admits to Faking Photographs bit.ly/q0WnFp

Twitter hack attacks – keep a tab on your tweets | Twitter account hacking hits home cnet.co/qoxfyZ

Nvidia CEO sees tenfold growth in mobile-chip biz: cnet.co/mWQPGy

The Daily Muse Wants To Bridge The Gap Between Glamour And The NYTimes tcrn.ch/oSzBkT

Australian Judge Asks For iPad Sales Stats In Galaxy Tab Case tcrn.ch/nKldfS

‘Cheap Chic’ Apparel Sellers Heat Up U.S. Rivalry on Web on.wsj.com/oY7mZV

Wi-Lan sues tech giants for patent infringement in US Eastern District Ct natpo.st/rl4zoG

Oklahoma | Social media, ethics and judges natpo.st/q5eH5T

A securities litigation case,but could be applicable to other subject matter| NASDAQ-listed companies can be sued in Ontario natpo.st/mWzmw2

RIM shareholder recommends spinning patents off into separate company bit.ly/nkReGs

Sony recruits information security boss after hacking bit.ly/q2938e

Amazon steps up social media efforts bit.ly/naThdl

California: Consumers Must Be Notified Directly of Data Breaches nyti.ms/o4XhYU

More Than Half of U.S. Smartphone Owners Use Location Services nyti.ms/qLOsjK

In California, Amazon Pushes Hard to Kill a Tax nyti.ms/oSBhs6

Hacking in the Netherlands Took Aim at Internet Giants nyti.ms/qexlpB

Dutch Widen Inquiry Into Hacking of Official Sites nyti.ms/o7yvYa

Inaccurate Google maps data lists business as closed when they are not | Closed, Says Google, but Shops’ Signs Say http://nyti.ms/nbHsWC

Is there gold in the cloud? | Dropbox Said to Raise As Much As $300 Million nyti.ms/pX7HAS

Disney Abruptly Loses Its Licensing Chief nyti.ms/phLYNS

Commentary on the Google – Motorola deal | Just What Did Google Buy? onforb.es/nQ3rvW

And make sure you have contest rules complying w/ laws where the contestants are! | Rules for running an online contest bit.ly/pCAbGj

Patent Wars: A New Age of Competition [INFOGRAPHIC] on.mash.to/qhqTqg

California men charged with selling iPhone 4 prototype bit.ly/p9L5j5

Students Find Ways to Thwart Facebook Bans nyti.ms/pl6vo8

O.K., Downloaders, Let’s Try This Song Again nyti.ms/qaUIVs

Google Declares Progress Against Piracy as It Seeks Media Partners nyti.ms/nyZdYd

Berlin | Samsung Removes Tablet From Trade Show After Injunction nyti.ms/pmsG6A

What Are The 20 Most Expensive Keyword Categories In Google AdWords? tcrn.ch/p7dA0H

Are auto ads misleading? bit.ly/mYfB6H

Tension b/w academia & content creators over Cdn (C) reform | It’s writers vs. professors in the latest war of words bit.ly/oSRwmU

An “Ebay For Science” Promises To Transform The Business Of Research bit.ly/ooaWAB

The Music Industry’s Death bit.ly/oGnBRr

US | Madonna Sued for Using the MATERIAL GIRL Trademark bit.ly/q8rcLU


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