IP Address Blog Updates for September 7, 2011

US | DuPont Sues Heraeus for Alleged Solar Patent Infringement http://bit.ly/q4aeRO

British American Tobacco Appeals to High Court to Obtain Legal Advice Given to Australian Govt re Tobacco Packaging on.wsj.com/q7SwVj

.XXX domain now active – another domain for brand owners to monitor bit.ly/mWfXI0

Booze Giant Bets $10 Million on Whisky-Based Bioenergy Plant onforb.es/roWwVv

LinkedIn’s Europe Competitor Viadeo Opens API, Bring Developer Contest to US nyti.ms/nKrUqb

Watchdog Petitions FTC for New Regulations on Google, Facebook, Twitter ti.me/q5viA2

Smartphone Smarts: The Dangers of Mobile Malware (infographic) bit.ly/rc821P

Comment on US Justice Dept challenge of ATT-T Mobile merger | Is Blocking Mobile Merger An “Assault on Innovation?” onforb.es/nvII2w

Social Media Scrutiny: How Companies See You bit.ly/pm5Imk

Comodo hacker: I hacked DigiNotar too; other CAs breached bit.ly/o7XNHQ

U.S. must reveal some cellphone tracking cases: court reut.rs/orlP36

Iranians hit in email hack attack bbc.in/qJvQeN


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