IP Address Blog Updates for September 12, 2011

NBC News Twitter hacked with fake WTC attack messages http://reut.rs/mQcp28

In Battle Over The ‘Tweet’ Trademark, Twitter Sues Twittad tcrn.ch/pEo2D1

Wilan says Mosaid’s patent buy designed to thwart bids natpo.st/o4zZ6R

Where Fashion Gazes at Itself nyti.ms/piPRLM

Hacker Rattles Security Circles nyti.ms/mVSCtX

What Can Google Do to Thwart Android App Piracy? nyti.ms/oXFmRT

Facebook’s Self-Regulation in Germany a Bow to Stricter Culture bit.ly/oaKNsG

US | FTC Puts Squeeze On Anti-Acne App Makers nyti.ms/qOTOh6

US | “Operation In Our Sites” targets NinjaVideo with criminal copyright charges bit.ly/pVMPw9

Google advises Iranian customers to change passwords after hack attack targeting non-Google users natpo.st/pZpTPS

Canada’s Privacy Commissioner has released a privacy law handbook for lawyers bit.ly/pWfnlT

294 Patent Lawsuits Were Filed In August 2011; Mobile Handset Complaints Up 25 Percent Yearly tcrn.ch/obZBe5

NY Fashion Week | Way Off the Runway: Live Streaming of Fashion Week nyti.ms/ozQ0An

Watch what you tweet! | Steve Jobs death tweet costs Shira Lazar her CBS News gig bit.ly/pztcEo

UK | Vivienne Westwood faces franchise lawsuit on.ft.com/pwUG1a(subscription required)

US | EA defeats ex-Rutgers QB over video game image bit.ly/ne3AUy

Copycats keep Lululemon on its toes bit.ly/pDaoPk

Fashion | Tired Western brands find new life in Asia bit.ly/qc2oaM

Who Stole My Pictures: Handy new image-finding Add-On for Firefox http://ow.ly/6q9l5 (via @Vistek)


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