IP Address Blog Updates for September 13, 2011

Authors’ Guild sues universities over book digitization project http://bit.ly/plNBe3

US | Apple argues that Google acquisition means Motorola lost its patent rights bit.ly/pPKDa8

US Copyright | Righthaven says it may go bankrupt bit.ly/qTTu2f

US | Court Approves Lawsuit Against Toyota Over Cyberstalking Ad Stunt bit.ly/ou3BbU

EU sound recording copyright now extended to 70 years bbc.in/r9qFB9

US | Seller of counterfeit Cisco equipment to pay $2.7 M damages, gets 60 months in jail & stripped of US citizenship cnet.co/qUgbUF

What a Patent War Means for South Korea’s Samsung ti.me/p8bj9w

Ex-Sequenom Patent Agent Scalia Sentenced to Probation for Insider Trading bloom.bg/oGXHlG

IP News on RIM, CAIR, Haig, Greenpeace, Discovery bloom.bg/o83N6K

US | Court Case Asks if ‘Big Brother’ Is Spelled GPS nyti.ms/qvGofG

Wireless patents | Wi-Lan, Mosaid bicker over Nokia’s value natpo.st/pbZpwe

Canada | Loblaw is betting on black with its new premium food line PC Black Label bit.ly/rj4i92

How your tweets today affect tomorrow’s stock prices bit.ly/n8usPJ

Dolby, RIM settle patent dispute bit.ly/oq4yS7


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