IP Address Blog Updates for September 14, 2011

Actor to Plead Guilty to Leaking Black Swan to BitTorrent http://bit.ly/qBDxrh

How to prevent identity theft bit.ly/qoSJZ2

Facebook Will Now Have A ‘Director of Privacy’ onforb.es/puRpEj

Data firm disputes validity of HTC’s Google patentscnet.co/n2eWKE

US | Hotfile turns tables, accuses Warner Brothers of DMCA abusebit.ly/oFMKsr

The dangers of using the same password for multiple accounts & other IT security hazards bit.ly/ovNkjA

Google Lets Wi-Fi Owners Opt Out of Registry to Comply with EU Privacy Laws nyti.ms/qwVs9n

Defend your data after a breach cnnmon.ie/nBTuC2

Samsung Fires At Apple In France, Targets The iPad And iPhone http://tcrn.ch/pLJbsr

Target’s new Missoni collection crashes site bit.ly/pXNFrM

ENISA: App Stores Should Cooperate to Improve Smartphone Security bit.ly/qa1GbY

Canada | CRTC tells TV broadcasters to turn the volume down on ads bit.ly/rjNhDy

Officials ready for Rugby World Cup ambush marketingbit.ly/oOVKeM


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