IP Address Blog Updates for September 19, 2011

IP News on Gundlach, Samsung, Apple, Google http://bloom.bg/re9TXH

Toyota Matrix campaign shows peril of pulling pranks bit.ly/qM0iR8

N.Y. Worker Accuses State of Illegal GPS Spying bit.ly/pZToPk

US | Court restores $675K file sharing award against Joel Tenenbaum bit.ly/qtupNs

The 10 Most Dangerous Celebrities on the Internet ti.me/p46h7b

Japan’s defense industry hit by its first cyber attack reut.rs/nNuinN

Apple’s brand value rises to No. 2 in the world, after Google bit.ly/mQWj3M

US | Google Girds for a Grilling on.wsj.com/p9hnRN

Marketers: Don’t Be Creepy With Social Media nyti.ms/oGltvW

White House backed online ID system meets with mixed reviews nyti.ms/rqBS9k

EU | Setting Boundaries for Internet Privacy nyti.ms/ohLnfR

Cegalia must produce emails from 2003 onwards in Facebook lawsuit bit.ly/qUpsLq

Why Twitter Doesn’t Care What Your Real Name Is nyti.ms/oNgEFC

Samsung Countersues Apple in Australia for Patent Infringement; Appeals Germany Ruling on Galaxy Tablet on.wsj.com/oMXi8u

Sony Changes Gaming Policy to Thwart Future Lawsuits nyti.ms/nrY2xI

EU probing Google Internet dominance abuse complaints bit.ly/nFxChx

Tokyo Photographer Sings Justin Bieber Parody On Getting Copyright Infringed bit.ly/oZHge1

RIM’s decline raises fears for Canadian innovation bit.ly/rceDsP


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