IP Address Blog Updates for September 21, 2011

Social media as a competitive intelligence tool http://natpo.st/rgamMM

Study: patent trolls have cost innovators half a trillion dollars bit.ly/q9xN2x

Google Rivals Are Readying An Antitrust Assault in D.C. on.wsj.com/nvrzGJ

Pirates’ Strong Showing in Berlin Elections Surprises Even Them nyti.ms/pTM7z4

EU & US | New Rules for Alcohol Companies to Advertise and Market on Social Networks on.wsj.com/pmOENz

Indie labels quitting Spotify due to insufficient licensing revenues nyti.ms/pRtMAh

Watch what you tweet! | Microsoft employee’s phone tweet leads to ouster cnet.co/okiMFE

Opening a web page means you have signed a contract | Why reading a website’s fine print matters bit.ly/odTwvL

Microsoft, Casio sign licensing deal over Linux cnet.co/ocYlBl

US | Oracle, Google far apart on Android talks cnet.co/pmNJn6

Tim Hortons opens its first franchise in Dubai bit.ly/p1s8K0

US federal prosecutors accuse Full Tilt Poker of being a Ponzi scheme nyti.ms/pF92Y2

Hack attacks affect stocks | Mitsubishi Heavy Shares Drop After Cyber Attack nyti.ms/qzXIBe

Intellectual property news on HTC, Google, Righthaven, American Superconductor bloom.bg/pCUVjn

Facebook’s Photo Collection 10,000 Times Larger Than The Library of Congress bit.ly/nfrXiA

Slacker, ESPN tie up on sports radio cnet.co/qalTPF

Counterfeit Designer Logos Featured in Photo Exhibit bit.ly/qqPnGo


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