IP Address Blog Updates for September 26, 2011

Samsung Says It Can Meet Tablet Target Amid Apple Lawsuits http://bloom.bg/oJqYDE

Beyond the Password on.wsj.com/qY3vMn

Samsung Tablet Faces Further Delay in Australia Amid Apple Patent Claim bloom.bg/pfcdAI

Verizon takes Samsung’s side in spat with Apple reut.rs/nXJg4V

US | Apple, Dropbox join Electronic Privacy Act fight cnet.co/ruHXTo

Alleged ‘Commander X’ Anonymous hacker pleads not guilty cnet.co/oeQwXS

Errant character to blame for Twitter ‘hack’ cnet.co/r9Bx4f

USA Today’s Twitter account falls victim to hackers cnet.co/qT54SZ

When a Company Gathers Info About You, Is that Invasion of Privacy? bit.ly/q5Kxot

California | Judge shreds, dismisses iPhone privacy class-action bit.ly/qnNuFr

Samsung Asks To Ban iPads, iPhones In The Netherlands tcrn.ch/qF4zVx

Samsung’s legal woes threaten to crimp tablets, chips reut.rs/nmCo6y

The Evolution of Logos, Past, Present and Future bit.ly/qXzDWC


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