IP Address Blog Updates for September 27, 2011

Australia | Herman Miller sues replica furniture maker, alleging EAMES trade-mark infringement http://t.co/6gkWtQRG

Italy prepares ‘one strike’ anti-piracy law t.co/azYm1ni9

EU Court issues new guidelines on when keyword advertising is trade-mark infringement t.co/DneYJBNj

US | NinjaVideo founder pleads to copyright charges t.co/3ihJuO1e

Google, Oracle CEOs Said to Make Little Headway in Patent Talks t.co/Pu3G32L3

PWC economist – Canada would be more innovative if tax policy privileged IP-related income instead of R&D subsidies t.co/MnHL4TFP

US | Man Receives Patent to Build ‘the Ultimate Snowman’ t.co/N7ipu1Rl

South Africa passes indigenous knowledge law; includes music, art, dance, literature, drama & films t.co/l0Sm9s5U

Hackers turn MySQL.com into malware launchpad t.co/vJaLTIZk

The 4 Classic Ways To Recession-Proof Your Brand t.co/Hq8rdRDN

IP news on Apple-Samsung, Crocs, Tony Chachere’s, NinjaVideo t.co/5xm691be

MillerCoors Sues the Patriots Over Exclusive Sponsorship Contract t.co/RirjqNup… (cont) t.co/Nw3kHtUp

Korean schools to eliminate print textbooks by 2015 t.co/DxDDk4Ww

Facebook Defends Getting Data From Logged-Out Users t.co/H4CN3I4F

More on the Apple v. Samsung tablet litigation in Australia t.co/V8s0mjla (subscription required)

US | Apple’s trade-mark application for MULTI-TOUCH denied t.co/ECRgfcJg

Dealing With an Identity Hijacked on the Online Highway t.co/6ZkKrfr8

Canada | Audit of Ontario’s access to govt info law alleges undue delays for media, opposition parties & special interests http://bit.ly/oC5GtC

WI-Lan sued for allege trade secret theft masquerading as acquisition t.co/mXX6a31a

Cap on text messaging plans an unintended consequence of India’s anti-spam call & text messaging law t.co/TpmomrEP

Canada | Tories demand CBC explain its lengthy access-to-information battle t.co/QGD3Zwso

A Fashion Line’s Old-World Branding Evokes Bygone Glamour t.co/yjJKUeZy

Facebook denies tracking users’ cookies t.co/G85sXeCT

Lady Gaga Loses Legal Fight With Fan Over LadyGaga.org t.co/2vn6q92g

Pentagon expands cyberwarfare defenses to key military contractors t.co/HkhXutEv

Hackers had head start breaking into Ottawa computers, documents show t.co/eNn01z7q


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