IP Address Blog Updates for September 30, 2011

Canada |Copyright changes: how they’ll affect users of digital content bit.ly/qg9m09

Canada | Links to copyright & privacy bills http://bit.ly/pNl96X & http://bit.ly/mZLSlg

Possible that Canadian representative will be in Japan to sign ACTA this weekend bit.ly/ourgLq

UK Intellectual Property Office warns companies to be vigilant about their premises being used for TM infringement bit.ly/p6WWvI

Privacy Groups Ask F.T.C. to Review New Facebook Features nyti.ms/oGYEFD

US | FTC announces $25 million settlement over alleged deceptive marketing of toning shoes bit.ly/n0Q6kM

Steve Jobs Started Talks With Samsung About Patent Dispute, Director Says bloom.bg/pe2N39

Honeywell Defeats Solvay Patent-Infringement Case Over Cooling Agents bloom.bg/nX0w2O

Should Regulators Treat Google Like Standard & Poor’s? http://onforb.es/nVsgAK

What’s In Your Facebook File? More Than You Think bit.ly/o68aU6

Europeans to Facebook: Where’s My Data? on.wsj.com/pYm4Sr

Full Tilt Poker Site Loses License nyti.ms/pMUQ9C

Goldman: Microsoft Is Getting $444 Million Annually From Android Patent Licenses read.bi/pfPWlv

Take a page from NHL’s social media playbook bit.ly/nCPLNd

Appeals court: Apple can continue to restrict OS X to Mac hardware bit.ly/o4b89V

Amazon’s ‘cloud’ browser raises privacy concerns goo.gl/kGmC4

Kik Messenger returns to BlackBerry despite lawsuit reut.rs/pMe1aw

Music Piracy Down As Streaming Services Take Over tcrn.ch/r1t9Sn

Australia | Sony’s data loss didn’t breach Privacy Act bit.ly/oxYccv

Canada | Tories vow to push through copyright overhaul as written bit.ly/pLmLRG

NHL to counterfeiters: Knock it off with the knock-offs bit.ly/nBHMR3

How social media has changed legal reporting | Live blogging of the Australian Apple v. Samsung Galaxy tab hearing on.wsj.com/nu5Xa8

Privacy Groups Ask F.T.C. to Review New Facebook Features nyti.ms/oGYEFD

Canada | Harper Government Delivers on Commitment to Reintroduce Copyright Modernization Act bit.ly/qOAXna


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