IP Address Blog Updates for October 13, 2011

Sony Reports ‘Massive’ Hacking Attempt Against Networks http://ti.me/oPUCjh

US Patent Litigation | Microsoft Award to Alcatel-Lucent May Be Cut to $26.3 Million, Judge Says bloom.bg/nuwcRW

No, Sony Wasn’t Hacked, but They Were Mass-Attacked bit.ly/p9LL54

Hacker broke into e-mails of dozens of stars, FBI says bit.ly/pA2Xpz

Intellectual Property News on Dimpledough, Netflix, Beyonce, AK bloom.bg/oTM1Zl

Kodak Said to Face Pressure From Bondholders on Patent Sale bloom.bg/n6oEnT

Phony Netflix Android app steals account data cnet.co/nrZab7

Apple Wins Ban on Samsung Tablet in Australia bloom.bg/q7ppU2

IBM offers concession on mainframe service contracts in EU antitrust case tgam.ca/Cuqp

Mind your apps if you want to keep customers safe tgam.ca/CyAp

Liz Claiborne Selling Namesake, Monet, Kensie Brands; will keep Juicy Couture, Kate Spade and Lucky Brand on.wsj.com/ot8xhb


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