IP Address Blog Updates for October 14, 2011

Canada | Ottawa to prohibit banks from advertising insurance products on web sites http://bit.ly/pCNgmr

The Gap Hires High-Powered Lawyer to Defend Kim Kardashian’s Multimillion-Dollar Look-alike Suit bit.ly/owwRQX

Jessica Alba Suing a Company for Claiming She Endorsed Its Post-Pregnancy Weight-Loss Product bit.ly/nz04XL

SEC orders disclosure of ‘potential’ security breaches cnet.co/qV1bxh

Really? Half of Young People Not That Upset By Hacking Of Their Facebook and E-mail Accounts onforb.es/mQNFL7

Xbox Live users suffering hacked accounts, FIFA 11 and 12 purchases bit.ly/pUYQnv

Branding | Jack Daniel’s Gets A (Mild) Facelift bit.ly/pE7EWD

Beyonce accused of copying moves from ballet bbc.in/q6u54R

Don’t Forget to Leave Your Facebook Password In Your Will ti.me/oYqu5j

US | Judge says Apple has a problem establishing patent validity in Samsung GALAXY dispute reut.rs/qvZRA0

Google Is Said to Seek Rights From Record Labels for Online Music Store http://bloom.bg/rcOh23

YouTube Makes the Case That It Helps Build Brands nyti.ms/mPRXoT

Artists’ Logos Shows Reach and Hostility of the Web nyti.ms/opKHvx

Australian Competition and Consumer Commission appeals decision over allegedly deceptive Google keyword ads bit.ly/p9iTTK

Canada | Study urges drastic cuts to federal R&D tax breaks bit.ly/pKlE8a

Samsung Dodges Dutch Sales Ban By Modifying Smartphones on.wsj.com/o3zIo8

Canada | A fashionable lawsuit: The trademark battle of Topshop vs. Top Shop bit.ly/qQFI7b

Ontario | No publication ban in diet doctor’s trade secret lawsuit bit.ly/qDRlWK

Apple, Samsung in symbiotic bond despite patent fight bit.ly/oNUtXk


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