IP Address Blog Updates for October 18, 2011

Google v. Oracle: Sun Was Close to Licensing Java Patents to Google for $28M http://bit.ly/mTCf6h

Citigroup CEO targeted by hackers over protest arrests cnet.co/p2PfdM

Op-ed on geolocation services & privacy | I’m Not Home Right Now. Please Come In. bit.ly/qsNgmY

Ceglia lawyer withdraws from Facebook lawsuit reut.rs/qqdflX

The origin of the Lacoste crocodile bit.ly/qWBR9b

Losing $13.5 Billion to Piracy Spurs Microsoft-Led Europe Legal Push bloom.bg/mS9C3N

Facebook Seeks Sanctions Against Ceglia Over E-Mail Order bloom.bg/nnzppJ

IP news on Apotex, Samsung, Fujifilm, Intelspec, Lady Gaga bloom.bg/nmlXDR

Law Firm Investigations Grow More Prevalent as Suits Decline, Study Shows bloom.bg/qDWr3Z

Advertising | Philip Morris Misled Smokers on Light Cigarettes, Jury Told bloom.bg/qdpEB6

Accenture Verdict on Theft of Software Partner’s Work Upheld, Damages Cut bloom.bg/pJ35fh

HTC says confident in suit vs Apple after early court loss reut.rs/opsRfW

HTC loses early U.S. decision vs Apple reut.rs/p43riF

More on the Apple vs. Samsung Galaxy tab dispute: Samsung seeks interim injunctions against iPhone 4S in Australia & Japan http://bit.ly/oAWqMN


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