IP Address Blog Updates for October 19, 2011

Canada’s copyright reform bill gets 2nd reading bit.ly/ntv6xn #C-11

U.S. crafting framework for cyber offense: general http://reut.rs/nsTtA7

Samsung Wins Dismissal of Some Apple Smartphone Patent Claims in U.S. Suit bloom.bg/pNrbNy

IP News on HTC, Samsung, Lodsys, Urban Outfitters, Debeers bloom.bg/naVsPP

Exploring the growing threat of cyber crime bit.ly/ogS21y

FTC Privacy Czar To Entrepreneurs: “If You Don’t Want To See Us, Don’t Collect Data You Don’t Need” tcrn.ch/nns0bT

Viacom gets another shot in court against YouTube cnet.co/oQuV6E

UK-U.S. extradition review deals blow to hacker bit.ly/nVySsb

Canadian law firms: Time to take stock? bit.ly/mUvwJf

Frequent Facebook Users Not As Worried About Privacy bit.ly/pc5Go7

Urban Outfitters And The Navajo Nation: What Does The Law Say? bit.ly/pr2TPI

Christie’s, Sotheby’s Accused of Not Paying Artist Royalties bloom.bg/oh09zv

Canadian scientist to plead guilty to stealing U.S. trade secrets bit.ly/riGdYW


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