IP Address Blog Updates for October 21, 2011

Amazon Answers Privacy Concerns About Silk Browser http://bit.ly/n97I69

Apple Patent Describes Easy-to-Disassemble iOS Device bit.ly/paE2KP

US | Outdated privacy law gives law enforcement warrantless search & seizure powers bit.ly/p4MRnm

Beware User Agreements: Who Actually Owns the Reddit Movie Pitch? ti.me/oPf12T

Facebook Might Have To Pay A $137,600 Fine For Storing Loads Of Deleted User Info read.bi/oCNfPf

In The Internet Of Things, Your Car Could Be Hacked onforb.es/qRKEGu

Obama administration and bi-partisan group of senators plan to move on US cybersecurity legislation ASAP reut.rs/qISwHI

Mattel Wins Dismissal of MGA Entertainment Antitrust Suit Over Bratz Dolls bloom.bg/r26QgR

IP news on Impax, Infineon, Samsung, Urban Outfitters, Rihanna bloom.bg/pZmKGN

Trade secrets | Markit to Settle Suit Against Former Employees Who Formed Rival Company bloom.bg/paORQC

Backgrounder on the Apple vs. Android feud | Steve Jobs vowed to ‘destroy’ Android bbc.in/rixaXH

RIM could face lawsuit over BBX moniker bit.ly/p6L9Fy

Copyright Debate Hits the House of Commons: Opposition Won’t Support C-11 Due to Digital Locks is.gd/jiGAUF


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