IP Address Blog Updates for November 2, 2011

Tablet knockoffs running rampant, brand firm says cnet.co/vqJz0T

Australia | Samsung Asks Apple To Hand Over iPhone 4S Source Code tcrn.ch/u3gECO

Researchers Flood Facebook With Bots, Collect 250GB Of User Data tcrn.ch/tihcN3

Canada | Eight arrested for importing smuggled cigarettes and fake running shoes bit.ly/vYvXGL

Fake IPads Flood Market as Scammers Target Top Technology Gift bloom.bg/tlxI1k

Facebook Claimant Says Zuckerberg Deleted E-Mails After Suit bloom.bg/tqbQC5

Google Aims to Answer the ‘Why?’ Behind Ad Targeting on.wsj.com/vEEmYV

U.S., U.K. Propose Web Governance Principles on.wsj.com/rRRYJB

Parents Abet Facebook Use on.wsj.com/tKQUoB

Big Brands Like Facebook, But They Don’t Like to Pay on.wsj.com/v5cR6g

Why the mad migration of parts for your iPhone matters bit.ly/rHB6so

London ‘cyberspace’ conference starts with row over Internet freedom hypocrisy bit.ly/syKzGo

Smart-phone players scramble to halt rapid growth in malware attacks bit.ly/sf3eZR


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