IP Address Blog Updates for November 7, 2011

Apple falls victim to suspected pornosquatting bit.ly/sRhD0A

Ex-U.S. general urges frank talk on cyber weapons http://reut.rs/vhJ2Hy

Pursuing a Piracy Claim Against Apple nyti.ms/rpIcKQ #patent

Who Owns Your LinkedIn Contacts? onforb.es/rsFsLr

Music industry group tells top UK ISP it’s time to block Pirate Bay bit.ly/vGbWdJ

Minnesota: It’s OK to use a GPS tracker on your spouse if you co-own the car bit.ly/sXDJei

No, the title is not a typo | Apple To Make Billions On Google’s Android onforb.es/swALiu

Sports memorabillia| A family passionate about memorabillia on guard for fake merchandise bit.ly/vQ2I5v

Counterfeit: One of these jerseys costs $375 and the other costs $30 bit.ly/vFdzoD

EU antitrust probe eyes Samsung, Apple patent-war tactics http://bit.ly/tC1Nym


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