IP Address Blog Updates for November 8, 2011

MOTHERLODE vs. PARENTLODE | NY Times sues Huffington Post over parenting blog trademark http://natpo.st/tX1r7p

Israeli government sites down after Anonymous threat cnet.co/vSTlok

Google patent lawyer says system is broken cnet.co/uxY8TJ

How companies may unify their brands after many acquisitions | Scotia Capital rebranding with big picture in mind bit.ly/ty0zRo

China | Patent dragon awakes natpo.st/rCTAmP

Google+ lifts restrictions on corporate and brand pages bit.ly/v1xgNy

Connecticut | Judge Orders Divorcing Couple To Swap Facebook And Dating Site Passwords onforb.es/s2Wy0r

Adidas shuts down sites after cyber attack cnet.co/tSrmjb

Apple security expert finds apps-software bug reut.rs/tKChwX

Pentagon’s war arsenal to include cyber-weapons bit.ly/sEEdON

Kodak Sells Image Sensor Business, Moving Closer to Cash Goal on.wsj.com/uZw8UE

Tobacco Health-Warning Labels Blocked by U.S. Judge on Free-Speech Grounds bloom.bg/voVZXz


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