IP Address Blog Updates for November 14, 2011

Remember the “borderless” Internet? It’s officially dead http://bit.ly/rTAa9v

Who gets custody of Twitter when an employee quits? bit.ly/tFEPZu

Judge scolds Righthaven lawyer, adds another $32,000 judgment bit.ly/sYZA7C

FBI tackles DNSChanger malware scam cnet.co/vtZoAD

Digital image can dupe Android face-based lock cnet.co/tZbw5I

Uncle Sam Wants You, Hackers: Cyberwarriors Needed to Stop Cyberspies bit.ly/uXU8lw

Mobile Users Want Privacy, Do Little to Protect It bit.ly/stEfVw

German Court Rules That Free Software Can Be Modified as Users Wish bit.ly/vEGGgj

Apple vs Samsung ‘Extension of Apple vs Google’ bit.ly/vaFqUn

Facebook faces lawsuit over facial-recognition feature cnet.co/sRv8j0

The Brands That Survive Will Be The Brands That Make Life Better bit.ly/udzrYh

Men More Likely to Befriend Sexy Strangers in Facebook Scams ti.me/ru5nzw

US |Senate Rejects GOP Bid to Overturn Internet Rules ti.me/uYKnTC

Obama Tells Hu U.S. ‘Impatient’ With China on Yuan, Intellectual Property bloom.bg/t6hfsp

Intellectual property news on Medco, Pirate Bay, LeTV, Vivendi bloom.bg/vE55y4

‘Biggest Cybercriminal Takedown in History’ bit.ly/rLPgml

Study suggests that Internet throttling occurs everywhere in the world nyti.ms/uzeGJW

Klout automatically created profiles, including minors nyti.ms/tVIyhO

Valve’s online game service Steam hit by hackers bbc.in/t2yULC

When Patent, Antitrust Worlds Collide on.wsj.com/u3rtrx

Wi-Lan 759 patent validated in U.S. natpo.st/uUXQpo

Facebook near privacy settlement with FTC: report natpo.st/tG4K5Z

Toronto | ‘Anonymous’ threat doesn’t faze Mayor Ford bit.ly/vHQ38K

Why brands should, and will, care about Google+ Pages bit.ly/uKZqHj

Sony CEO claims hacker vendetta hasn’t harmed company bit.ly/t0C5bK

Dating profiles, Facebook pages: Fair game for divorce court? bit.ly/vtIwwy

CRTC to rule on UBB rates for smaller ISPs bit.ly/tpjbxF

Internet scam spoofs state-level U.S. securities regulators bit.ly/rIhFgt

‘Anonymous’ threatens cyber attack if city interferes with Occupy Toronto bit.ly/s4vUyH

Court Rules Against WikiLeakers: Twitter Data Isn’t Secret, Government Orders Are onforb.es/tPlvu7

Trade secrets | Boston Beer sues San Francisco’s Anchor Brewing

The last frontier for computers: scent natpo.st/uMzkVd

Australia cigarette packaging law | Australia takes bold anti-smoking step: Will it deter smokers? tgam.ca/DEWw

Honey Laundering: The New Crime To Buzz About bit.ly/udEcMK

How to know when your private data has been lost or stolen cnet.co/ua0w3J

Sirius’s Move to Bypass a Royalty Payment Clearinghouse Causes an Uproar goo.gl/idM1d

Kreative licence? Kardashian Kollection bags pay a little too much tribute to top designers’ most famous it bags bit.ly/u3fjNK


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